Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Published - at last

Check me out if you are anywhere near a Borders or Waterstones. Not only am I on the front page of this book, I'm on page 120 and 121. I'm pretty chuffed with myself. Don't let the title put you off. This book is like a library of styles and full of inspiration - and of course, it's brilliant cos it has my work in it!

The Carpenter Joiner & Hand Railer (1887)

I found this wonderful book in The Bookshop, Kirkstal. It's got just the paper I love...old and yellowing, smooth and full of technical drawings. The book isn't in the best shape, which is why I have chosen to up-cycle the pages into envelopes - each one handcut and folded.

Blogging - part 3

I'm giving the blogging another shot. Let's see how far I get! This is my third attempt in the last few years.