Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Oops I nearly forgot to say...

** I was awarded Artsmix Emerging Artist 2010 (Craft Practitioner) **

Check me out! Yes I know I can hardly believe it myself. On Wednesday 31st March, I attended the Artsmix 2010 Emerging Artsists Awards. I was nominated for the award last year and was thrilled to pieces but to win...is something else. The piece I entered  into the awards was Travelling Butterflies. This piece has recently been on exhibition in Debenhams Leeds (also through Artsmix). I wanted to create a piece which was simple in design yet took hours of patience to make. Each butterfly is created from collages of stamps and handcut along with a piece of raw silk - this isn't apparent until you study the piece up close. The 42 butterflies have been carefully arranged like a butterfly frame in a museum. As the winner, I am the proud owner of a fantastic award (original screenprint by a member of Artsmix), received a cash prize, work towards a solo exhibition and mentoring sessions with my award sponsor. 

Read more about the Artsmix Awards Night on the UK Handmade blog here. 


Hannah Nunn said...

Congraulations! Nice butterfliy peice. Maybe I'll start stalking you now!!!x

Made at Greenview said...